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Edu4Ukraine is Coalition of international and polish NGOs, which create educational aid for Ukrainian refugees

About us

Edu4Ukraine is Coalition of international institutions and polish nongovernmental organizations, which support and create educational aid for ukrainian refugees. Edu4Ukraine brings together youth, student organizations and EdTech startups. We cooperate with international organizations and institutions, supporting their educational projects which aim to help young Ukrainian refugees.



Edu4Ukraine prepared a detailed report, which defines the best courses of action for NGOs, local government and business in the field of educational assimilation of refugees and becomes a foundation for planning future efforts. Edu4Ukraine report focuses on the needs of Ukrainian students, describes key challenges that polish educational system, academic environment and civic society faces right now and will face in the future.

Together we can help Ukrainian refugees – join Edu4Ukraine Coalition!

We invite all organizations offering educational aid for young Ukrainian refugees. Edu4Ukraine mission is to bring together those organizations, to provide real, effective and efficient help for our Ukrainian friends. Edu4Ukraine will help your organization to connect with volunteers, with those who need your help also with international organizations and institutions. Together we can achieve more – contact us!